Smith Plantation Historic Structure Report

Archibald Smith House (Gentry, 1844-45), substantially remodeled in 1940
Archibald Smith House (Gentry, 1844-45; front facade remodeled in 1940), Roswell, Georgia

When Roswell King first passed through the site of modern-day Roswell, Georgia in the late 1820s, the land was inhabited by the Cherokee Indians.  Within twenty years, the thriving town named for him boasted sizeable homes, one of which was built by Archibald Smith in 1844-45.

The Archibald Smith Plantation site retains many of the buildings and structures that supported the daily lives of the inhabitants of the ‘big house’ during its antebellum history.  Laura Drummond was the lead investigator who produced the historic structure report for the City of Roswell, including construction histories, architectural analyses, conditions assessments, maintenance plans, recommendations for preservation and treatment, and photographic documentation for all seventeen buildings and structures on the five-acre site.