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Atlanta Preservation and Planning Services (APPS) has years of experience with a variety of applications in historic preservation and planning, and has developed digital technologies in both.  Meeting the specific needs of each client is of primary concern, so listening to you is our first task, and a quality, affordable product tailored to your requirements is the result.

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Dedicated to the proposition that buildings never lie, our approach to understanding historic resources is first to observe, then to interpret the evidence presented by the materials, spatial relationships, construction technologies, and conditions of the buildings we investigate.  Researching the history of a site, its occupants, and changes through time enables us to evaluate the significance of the resource and its place within the community.  When the building and its significance are thoroughly documented, it then can be properly protected and preserved.

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Planning helps shape communities to be green, liveable, and sustainable.  The planning process begins with demographic and economic analysis to understand the present and future profiles of population, industry, and employment.  Land use planning helps communities establish goals for future development and re-development, and identifies policies to achieve those goals.  Preservation planning, as part of the process of shaping liveable and sustainable communities, seeks to identify, evaluate, record, and determine the appropriate treatment of historic properties.

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Conducting historical research involves both knowledge of the sources and understanding of the context to fit them together into a coherent narrative.  Comprehensive gathering of relevant information must be followed by verification of its authenticity and accuracy.  Rigorous organization of the data enables the researcher to identify relationships, interpret evidence, and draw conclusions.  Presenting the research and analysis in a meaningful narrative makes the past accessible to the wider community.